What do you have in a pantry?


In SFgate.com, a food writer have written about her pantry items. She always has mirin, salted capers, fish sauce, dark chocolate, some peas, olive oil and so on there. And she introduces a nice recipe to use a quinoa in the article.

It sounds very nice 'Quinoa Salad with Chickpeas, Walnuts & Fall Fruit'. I'm a macrobian, so I don't use a fetacheese. But instead of it, I'll try to use handmade spiced chick peas(it's pretty yummy, you know). I love fall fruits like a persimmon and a pomegranate, so this recipe is pretty nice to try.

In my pantry, there are kanten, kouya-tofu, some japanese sea weeds like wakame and hijiki, some dried beans, hishio-miso, ume-su, inaniwa-udon noodle and so on. These help me my dinner quickly when I come back late at home and when I don't want to go to shopping for dinner and something.
by pieces_Yoshino | 2008-10-13 05:34 | 湘南&東 日々のこと

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